We Pay Attention To Every Detail

We clean your windows, up close. We use ladders to reach every window as opposed to trying to reach your windows with a pole from the ground. 

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

When we finish a job, we re-inspect our own work to ensure satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your service, please call our office within one week. 

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We are a Chemical Free Company

We remove all dirt, debris, paint, varnish and bug residue without the use of chemicals. An additional fee will be assessed for new construction cleanings.

Simple, Straightforward Pricing.

No Hidden Fees.  Our pricing is as transparent as your windows will be.

Window Cleaning Pricing

1-20 $145 $100
21-25 $160 $110
26-30 $180 $120
31-35 $200 $130
36-40 $220 $140
41-45 $240 $155
46-50 $260 $165
51-55 $280 $180
56-60 $300 $195
61-65 $320 $205
66-70 $340 $220
71-75 $360 $235
76-80 $380 $245
81-85 $400 $260
86-90 $420 $270
91-95 $440 $285
96-100 $460 $295
101-105 $480 $310
106-110 $500 $325
111-115 $520 $335
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Count your Panes
(or we can count them for you, too).

The Following Windows are Included in Our Pricing System:

The Following Windows require a Free Onsite Estimate:

Disclaimer:   The above estimate of window panes does not include French Pane or Storm Windows.  It includes the type of windows that a majority of homes have which are Picture Windows, Sliding Glass Doors, (or windows of similar size) and Single Pane Windows.  Every individual piece of glass is a separate pane that will be counted. For example, if your windows slide up and down there are two panes. If your window cranks open that is one pane.  If you have French Pane windows (permanent grids on windows that cannot be removed) or any type of Combination Storm Window (typically found in homes older than 25 years) please call for a free estimate.

Our Process


Receive a Free Estimate 

Using our online pricing or free onsite estimate you’ll receive a quote for your job.


Schedule Your Service

We’ll setup a date that works best for you and confirm the pricing before we start any work.


We make your windows SHINE.

With our five step process we clean every pane twice.  We remove all dirt, debris, paint, varnish and bug residue without the use of chemicals and reinspect our work when we’re done.

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