LED Lights

Each display is setup with a photocell timer that will automatically turn on and off each night at dusk.  You can choose to have your lights displayed from several options, dusk to dawn or turn on at dusk and shut off after 4, 6 or 8 hours. 

christmas light installation in plymouth mn


LED Christmas lights emit a vibrant light that uses 80 percent less energy than traditional lights.  The advances in technology mean the warm white is very similar to the white used in traditional lighting. 

We work with every home owner to design a display that works best for your home or business.  We specifically customize every home, from your roof line to your trees, bushes and garland. 


How we Install your lights

When we put up your lights we confirm with you if you would like the lights taken down in January, February or March.  All of our light displays are setup as a rental and are stored in our warehouse in a bin labeled with your name and address.

Our price includes installation, maintenance, removal and storage of your display.  If for any reason the display stops working properly we will come out and fix it at no additional cost. 

Installation, Maintenance & Removal

Cords & timers

We install our roof lines using a clip that slides beneath your shingle without causing any damage.  We use our patented gutter clip to attach lights to your gutters.