Why Choose Russel Williams Home Services?

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

There are a number of reasons that we are the perfect choice for your window cleaning services.  Most importantly, the majority of our business is done in residential homes, schools, Senior Living complexes and Assisted Living complexes.  Our crews are accustomed to being extremely particular with our customers personal property and valuables.  They are very personable, friendly and easy to talk to.   Secondly, we have 15 crews running on a daily basis.  Therefore we are able to schedule times that work best for our customers causing very little distraction and inconvenience to your residents. 

We are very experienced in Senior Living complexes as well as Assisted Living complexes. We are very respectful to each tenant and we realize that this is their home so we need to be respectful, not only of their time but, our interactions with them as well. We want to make the window cleaning process as pleasant as possible.  

We understand that the facility management team likes to be able to give very specific dates to the tenants.  We are able to adjust the number of our employees that we send to each job site so that we can complete the job in a very efficient and timely matter.  We have the option to finish most jobs in one day or over a period of days, based on your preference.